Tuesday, 11/13/18 through Friday, 11/16/18

This week we’ll continue our discussion of least squares regression, extending our discussion to multiple regression, which allows us to include many independent variables in one model. This allows us to ``control'' for possible confounding variables which helps us better understand the relationship between any two variables. We’ll also consider how we can compare models to one another and how we decide which variables to include in a multiple linear regression model. 

Link: Week 13 Study Guide

Read This:

  • OpenIntro Statistics, sections 8.1-8.3

  • Wheelan, chapter 12

Do This:

  • Work through exercises 8.2, 8.4, & 8.8 in OpenIntro Statistics

  • Complete Lab J

  • Complete Quiz 7 on Carmen (due 11:59 PM on Friday, 11/16)