Tuesday, 8/21/18 through Friday, 8/24/18

Welcome to Political Science 4781: Data Analysis in Political Science I. This week we're talking about the basics of data analysis as an approach to answering important questions, and getting started with the program R, which we'll be using all semester long.  

Link: Week 1 Study Guide.

Read This: 

Watch This: 

Do This: 

  • Download R and RStudio (instructions in Lecture 5)
  • Complete Lab A 
  • Work through exercises 1.6, 1.8, and 1.16 in OpenIntro Statistics (from the end-of-chapter exercises; chapter 1 exercises start on pg. 55 of the textbook) 
  • Complete Quiz 1 on Carmen (due 11:59 PM on Friday 8/24)